Ship yard shoot in Chance, MD.

Last photo set of the day with Kendal. Shot with my 5Ds and the older Siggy 50 1.4. This lens is perfect for people photography because of the smooth rendering but not so ideal for infinity landscapes because you can detect some softness as you get closer to the edges with such a high resolution sensor. The harbor master was nice enough to let us have a go at the place.

Shooting with Kayla using my Canon 5Ds and a Canon 100mm USM f/2.0

This was a fun shoot with Kayla at Scotts Landing using the Canon 100mm f2 lens on a Canon 5DS. This inexpensive lens is usually overlooked and is an easy way to nice bokeh. It can be had for about $350 or less used. The first image was shot with the Sigma 50mm 1.4, old version at f/2.8.

Our access was limited because of flooding.