Shooting locations include studios in eastern Maryland, and the Atlanta metro area. ©SABAWA offers professional photographic services to agencies, models, designers, and advertisers.


Hello and welcome to the Sabawa testing guidelines. If you are reading this then you can appreciate my individual shooting style and want to become a part of this creative process. First of all this is what I do for a living so you can expect to be charged for my services as it is impossible to do what I do for free. That said, there are some basic guidelines to make this a fun and pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Test shoots are $100 per outfit and you will receive at a minimum of four (4) edited images from each outfit that is photographed. Usually I choose the images because I am creating my artistic vision. You may have the choice of choosing your own images but do not expect your choices to be displayed or have a Sabawa logo. I choose images for different artistic reasons… sometimes to tell a story or to project a particular style. If you want something that is more involved than my standard adventures, there will be additional charges.

You also may feel that four images are not enough… keep in mind I take a lot of time editing and perfecting each image and this time has to be compensated for. There is always an option to request additional images at $25 per image. You will only receive fully edited images. If the shoot is very successful then additional images will be forwarded to the model at the photographers discretion.

Depending on where you live or where the shoot location will be, I will charge for travel that is more than 30 miles from my studio (Pocomoke City, MD 21851).

Shoots are to be PAID IN ADVANCED unless other arraignments are made to avoid random cancellations. If you cancel your shoot you will loose your money. If I cancel then I will reschedule your shoot. We accept all forms of electronic payment via paypal.com. TFP’s are not available.

*PLEASE NOTE: A CD FULL OF UNEDITED IMAGES WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED* but if you demand such an item the cost will be as follows: Full unedited CDR/DVDs: $995.00+

*THIS IS NOT PORTRAIT STUDIO RATES* Other services such as prints, events, senior portraits, couple shoots, group shoots, and anything that is outside of my usual shooting style will be charged my usual studio rates and or quoted suitable rates. Standard studio sessions start at $295.00 and up.

Sabawa ©
Pocomoke City, Maryland, 21851

1. (Rights of reproduction of these images are granted solely for the purposes of self promotion. i.e., for your portfolio.) Any other reproduction or transfer will be granted only with the express permission of the photographer. These images should not be altered in any way without express consent from the photographer.

2. You will receive a letter to present to photographic refinisher authorizing reproduction of edited images for self promotional purposes only if requested.

3. Edited web promotional images will include a SABAWA© logo. These images should be used for all internet promotional purposes and should not be altered in any way, (including removal of the logo) without express consent from the photographer.

4. Any agreements outside this document whether express or implied do not supersede this agreement.

5. Any additional costs incurred by the model for a test shoot including but not limited to; make-up artists, stylists, transportation, etc… are at the sole discretion of the model. The photographer is in no way responsible for these costs, for any purpose, foreseeable or unforeseeable, including but not limited to equipment malfunction, an act of nature, sickness, scheduling, or cancellation by the photographer.

6. Any cancellation of a test shoot will be considered as a forfeit of any future consideration for testing. All future shoots will be assessed our regular rates.

7. Due to the volume of regular studio photographic obligations the delivery of the images will be determined by the schedule of the photographer.

8. The Model Release below must be signed and presented prior to scheduling of a shoot.

9. If the model participates in a test shoot with the photographer, all of the conditions here will apply.


In exchange for consideration received, I hereby give permission to Rabindranath (Ben) Sabawa Jordan to use my name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.

I have read this release and approve of its terms.

Dated: ________________

Model’s Name:__________________________________________________


Parents or guardians signature if under 18 years of age: